Our History

Alfalah24h Quran  Academy is exclusive among all other institutes because of its inventive curriculum, excellent levelheaded programs, constant support and student-centered flexible approach to education

Why Alfalah24h

Ease of study

Alfalah24h Quran Academy teaches you in the easiest way. You’ll comfortably get what we deliver. We provide some study material at the end of each lecture on which you can practice. We provide makeup classes too if some of your classes got miss

Learn in your comfort zone

As Alfalah24h Quran Academy is an online institute so you can study wherever you want. You can have lecture while sitting in your room or somewhere outside. Just have a need of computer and internet, you’ll learn and ask anything from your teacher directly


After course completion, a student can evaluate what he learnt here. Instead he/she will feel much more confidence. He/she will now examine things with different ideology

Following new technologies

Alfalah24h Quran Academy uses all modern techniques to assist its students. Having strong electricity backup and high speed internet and by utilizing the modern technology, Virtual Quran Academy provides quality at its best leve

Education for all

Ignoring sectarianism, racism and other differences, Alfalah24h Quran Academy provides education to all including kids, youngsters, aged, housewives, and business men. We aimed to spread the light of knowledge all around the world.

TRIAL class & Charges

Alfalah24h Quran Academy academy provides you a Three days free trial in which you can ensure our services and mode of teaching.Being providing a high level quality education, Alfalah24h Quran Academy supports its customers by designing very much affordable fee structures

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