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At Alfalah 24h Online Quran Academy, we believe that learning the Quran should be accessible, convenient, and tailored to your schedule. Our online Quran academy is designed to provide a transformative learning experience, connecting you with expert tutors who guide you through the sacred journey of understanding and reciting the Quran.

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Quran Reading Basics

Are you eager to embark on a journey of Quranic exploration and understanding? Look no further! Our Quran Reading Basics Course is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to begin reading and understanding the Quran with confidence and proficiency.

In this comprehensive course, you will:

  1. Learn Arabic Alphabet: We’ll start from the very beginning, teaching you the Arabic alphabet, vowels, and pronunciation rules. With interactive lessons and practice exercises, you’ll master the building blocks of Quranic Arabic.

  2. Understand Tajweed Rules: Tajweed is the science of proper Quranic recitation. Our expert instructors will guide you through the essential Tajweed rules, ensuring that you recite the Quran with accuracy, fluency, and melodiousness.

  3. Practice Quranic Reading: Through guided reading sessions, you’ll apply your newfound knowledge of Arabic and Tajweed rules to read Quranic verses with confidence. Our instructors will provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you improve your reading skills.

  4. Explore Basic Vocabulary: We’ll introduce you to common Quranic vocabulary and phrases, equipping you with the essential words and meanings needed to understand the Quranic text.

  5. Deepen Your Understanding: Beyond reading, we’ll delve into the meanings and teachings of select Quranic verses, helping you connect with the profound wisdom and guidance of the Quran.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your Quranic reading skills, our Quran Reading Basics Course is tailored to meet your needs. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the treasures of the Quran.

Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a confident and proficient reader of the Quran. Let’s embark on this rewarding journey together!

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Courses We Offer

Basic Quran Reading

Master the fundamental skills of reading the Quran with proper pronunciation and tajweed.

Memorization (Hifz) Program

Embark on a journey to memorize the Quran under the guidance of experienced Hafiz tutors.

Tajweed and Qiraat

Perfect your recitation by learning the rules of tajweed and explore the different styles of Quranic recitation.

Special Courses for Kids

Our engaging and child-friendly courses ensure that children develop a love for the Quran from an early age.

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